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Autumn Campaign 2023

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Discover 'More Than Cool' Autumn Prices on Storage for Your Fresh Drinks and Food

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Attain a Complete Flavor Experience with the Right Equipment

It's essential to have optimal storage solutions in a professional kitchen, and that's why we've put together some attractive offers for you in equipment that's indispensable in places like cafes, restaurants, hotels, catering, and industrial kitchens.

Display coolers: Also known as bottle coolers because they're typically used to elegantly showcase cold beverages. Display coolers can also be customized with branding and serve as visual focal points. You can view the full range of glass door coolers here.

Back Bars: Compact refrigerators that easily fit under counters but are absolutely essential. Perfect for storing items like beer, soft drinks, and snacks while also presenting them elegantly. For instance, use this small glass door refrigerator in restaurants, pizzerias, and cafes. Explore the entire selection of back bars here.

Wine Coolers: Properly storing wine at the correct temperature is crucial, and why not display your wine beautifully? A wine cooler can easily become a part of your business decor and provide your guests with an attractive overview of your wine menu. See our range of wine coolers here.

Gastro Furniture: Hygiene is of the utmost importance in professional kitchens. Therefore, we've also prioritized that all our gastro furniture is easy to clean. Our refrigerated counters fit perfectly into any commercial kitchen, restaurant, or supermarket deli section. Everything is delivered in standard sizes, of course. See the full range of refrigerated counters here.

We've gathered the great offers for you below!

Attain a Complete Flavor Experience with the Right Equipment.

The best autumn deals for you

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