New GLT Vaccine Freezer

Reliable storing at low temperature

Vibocold now launches a new GLT freezer, for the storage of the primary demands from the Covid-19 vaccines. The GLT can handle the Moderna vaccine, which requires a temperature down to -20° C while the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine needs as low as -70° C. The new GLT freezer from Vibocold can cover the demands from both vaccines and can operate all the way from -20° C to -70° C.


The important features are:

• Used by universities, hospitals and research institutes for long term storing of blood, skin cells, DNA, organs and vaccines.

• Digital controller with potential free contact (which makes it possible to connect it to an external alarm)

• Top-quality freezer, well tested and reliable, with a limited need for service - developed from similar products that have been in the market for 15 years

• Less complex technology – only one compressor, where most others have two compressors

• Lowest footprint- due to the single compressor system, the external size of the freezer is very low


Contact regarding the GLT product.

For international customers outside of Denmark please contact:


Søren Keller Thomsen

International Key Account Manager


Direct Phone: +45 87 50 34 06 
Mobile: +45 40 78 61 44 



Download the GLT product and data specification here