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Item no.: GKv 6460

Cold storage cooler with a volume of 499 litres

Easy-to-clean stainless steel
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The GKv 6460 is a large, spacious, extra-wide cold storage cooler. It comes with a bottom shelf and five height-adjustable wire shelves. 

This Liebherr cold storage cooler comes with ventilated cooling, electronic control and a digital thermostat. 


  • +1 to +15 degrees
  • adjustable legs
  • reversible, self-closing door
  • temperature alarm
  • built-in lock

Optimise your cooling space with the GKv 6460

As mentioned, this cold storage cooler is extra wide. That means that there is space for two GN 1/1 canteens to be placed side to side, rather than one behind the other. This allows you to get the food you need quickly and easily. 

The removable wire shelves allow you to customise your cold storage cooler to suit your range of refrigerated goods. If your product range changes, you can easily and quickly change the layout of your cabinet cooler as well. 

State-of-the-art features for your commercial kitchen

This spacious cold storage cooler offers several practical features that make life in your kitchen much easier. The cabinet cooler comes with a temperature alarm to alert you if the temperature in your cabinet cooler is not as it should be. That way, you can react before your refrigerated goods get damaged. 

Its reversible door comes with a built-in lock. The door is also self-closing, which helps with minimising energy consumption, but also comes handy if your arms are full. 

This cold storage cooler is made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. Our product range also includes an identical model with a white casing, though, if that is what you prefer. You could also take a look at the GKv 4360 and the GKv 5760, if you are interested in a similar cabinet cooler with other dimensions. 

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