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Liebherr quality
Item no.: GKV 4360

Spacious stainless steel cold storage cooler

Bottom shelf and five removable wire shelves
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With the GKv 4360 you get a professional cold storage cooler with a volume of 332 litres. This cabinet cooler is made from stainless steel, which is renowned for its ease of cleaning. 

The Liebherr cold storage cooler comes with a digital thermostat and ventilated cooling. 


  • +1 to +15 degrees
  • ventilated cooling
  • reversible, self-closing door
  • replaceable sealing strip
  • built-in lock

Practical, six-shelf storage cooler

Commercial kitchens need plenty of cooling space, so a spacious cold storage cooler like this Liebherr model is a must-have. 

This cold storage cooler is made from stainless steel and features an elegant, stylish design. With its uncomplicated design, the cooler fits in anywhere, and its medium size helps it to fit into a wide variety of kitchens, where it can either stand alone or be combined with other coolers. 

The cabinet cooler comes with a bottom shelf as well as five height-adjustable wire shelves. This allows you to customise your cabinet cooler to suit your needs. 

An easy-to-keep-clean cabinet cooler

The GKv 4360 is a high-quality cold storage cooler that has been designed with easy cleaning in focus. The stainless steel casing can be quickly and easily wiped clean, as can the inside of the cooler. The sealing strip in this cold storage cooler is replaceable. 

Do you need more space than this cabinet cooler offers? Then you could take a look at the following models, for example: 

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