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Liebherr quality
Item no.: GG 5210

513-litre, white cold storage freezer

Bottom shelf, six fixed evaporator shelves and 14 wire baskets
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This wide Liebherr cold storage freezer gives you plenty of space for storing frozen goods. Its many shelves and wire baskets make it easy to organise the contents of your freezer. 

This white cold storage freezer comes with static freezing and a digital thermostat. 


  • -14 to -28 degrees
  • static freezing
  • reversible, self-closing door
  • adjustable legs
  • 6 evaporator shelves + a bottom shelf + 3 wire baskets

A spacious cold storage freezer for the HoReCa industry

The GG 5210 is a wider cold storage freezer, with a volume of 513 litres. It features an uncomplicated, clean design that fits in with any kitchen. This cabinet freezer features a white casing, but also comes in in stainless steel. 

With 6 + 1 shelves and 14 shelves to choose from, you can easily organise the contents of your cold storage freezer in a neat and tidy way. It makes it easier to find the right thing once the working day is underway and you need to move quickly. 

If you are looking for a slightly smaller cabinet freezer, you could take a look at the GG 4010. 

Self-closing door and a temperature alarm

This functional cold storage freezer comes with a reversible door that is also self-closing. This helps to minimise energy consumption and is also an advantage when you need to move quickly and have your hands full. 

The self-closing door, obviously, also minimises the risk of the cold seeping out of your freezer, and of the temperature inside the cabinet becoming too high. Should this happen in any other way, the built-in temperature alarm will alert you. 

If the temperature either drops or rises inappropriately, you will be alerted both audibly and visually so you can take action. This way, you take care of your food and minimise the formation of hoarfrost in your cabinet freezer. 

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