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Item no.: GGv 5010

GGV 5010 - Storage freezer - White - 486L - NO FROST

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The Liebherr GGv freezer refrigerator series is optimized with the NO FROST defrosting technology for kitchens that pay attention to their energy consumption and food temperature. The technology defrosts the freezer in 10 minutes, rather than the traditional electric defrosting which can take up to 30 minutes. As the technology uses the hot refrigerant, it is both energy-saving and reduces the time the food is exposed to temperature variation. In addition, GGv shelves are dimensioned to hold a GN 1/1, 530mm wide. GGv 5010 is a white storage freezer with electronic control, reversible and self-closing door, 4 adjustable wire shelves + 1 bottom shelf, digital temperature display, lock, adjustable legs, door and temperature alarm. Can be supplied in stainless steel
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