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Storrage of medicine

At Central Denmark Region’s new main pharmacy

Good advice ensures the correct storage of medicines

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The Central Denmark Region has a new main pharmacy in Aarhus, Denmark, which supplies all the region’s hospitals with medicines. The Central Denmark Regional Pharmacy (Regionsapoteket Midtjylland) is therefore packed with inventory solutions that fulfil the special requirements and wishes for storing medicines. As part of the region’s procurement agreement, Vibocold, coming in with good needs assessment and solid advice, delivered refrigerators and freezers for both medicine and meals.

Back in 2011, the Central Denmark Region went out to tender to secure a procurement agreement for the right refrigeration and freezer solutions for all of the region’s needs. Vibocold, a full-service provider of commercial temperature-regulating solutions, came out on top.

- Since then, we have supplied all public institutions in the Central Denmark Region, including hospitals. In addition, we have supplied coolers and freezers for storing medicines, but also for canteens and kitchenettes in both staff rooms and living rooms, says Søren Keller Thomsen, Export Manager at Vibocold.

According to Søren Keller Thomsen, the agreement has, since the beginning, been linked to Liebherr refrigerators and freezers that fulfil the special requirements of the medical industry:

- We have supplied all hospitals in the Central Denmark Region with Liebherr coolers and freezers. They represent Austrian quality and thoroughness at its best, and we’ve been selling them in Denmark since 2012.


Meets stringent requirements for both storage and counselling

As part of the region’s procurement agreement, it was also on the cards that Vibocold would be supplying the latest addition to the regional hospital infrastructure in the form of the new main pharmacy at the Central Denmark Region Pharmacy. But even though the supplier has been predetermined, there has not been a single issue with the collaboration:

‒ We spoke to Søren Keller Thomsen from Vibocold about our needs and the possibilities of different cooling solutions. He was very good at advising on the strict requirements for storing medicines, says René Rasmussen, pharmaconomist at the Central Denmark Region Pharmacy, and adds:

‒ We also received advice on the different height adjustment options for the furniture to best fit into our workflows.

This experience aligns with Vibocold’s approach, as they are experts in tailored solutions:

‒ It is our job to identify customer needs in terms of product use and approval requirements so that we can find the exact product and solution they are looking for, says Søren Keller Thomsen.


Good monitoring reduces the risk of waste

However, once the right cooling solution is identified and delivered, the collaboration isn’t over yet. Vibocold also helps with the assembly of the furniture to get your pharmacy off to a good start.

‒ When we come out and set up the coolers, we naturally check that everything is in order, explains Søren Keller Thomsen and adds:

‒ We also put sensors in the coolers for temperature monitoring. There can be a lot of expensive medication in the coolers, so good monitoring is especially important.

With this, the long-standing agreement between Vibocold and the Central Denmark Region has ensured the correct storage of pharmaceuticals across the entire region, and the good co-operation continues:

‒ In addition to the Central Denmark Region Pharmacy, we have also recently delivered to Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus, which works with prevention, treatment and research within diabetes, concludes Søren Keller Thomsen.


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