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Branding and decoration

An eye for effective branding

Transform your heating, cooling and freezing equipment into effective advertising that catch people’s attention and attract customers into your business

An eye for effective branding.
Branding og decoration

Create visibility and sales with decorative equipment

If you want to make a lasting and impactful impression on your customers, you need to create a look that stands out. This requires decorative and well-designed equipment that creates visibility and a distinctive feel – and ultimately sales.  

At Vibocold, we have our own branding department, where we transform cooling and freezing solutions into effective advertising that catch people’s eye and attract consumers to the stores. For example, in the form of images on print foil, coloured LED lighting and beverage coolers with TVs in the door, or by transforming impulse coolers into auto rickshaws.

We fit and decorate on the basis of finished layouts, but we are also happy to prepare creative proposals from scratch for a fee. In other words, we can create exactly the branding your customers will remember.

Create visibility and sales with decorative equipment.
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