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Food service

A sense for efficient kitchen operations

An efficient kitchen in a canteen or catering centre starts with optimum food storage solutions.

A sense for efficient kitchen operations.

Optimum temperature-regulating solutions for food service

A good experience is more than just fresh food and drinks.

It equally involves stimulating the senses with attractive food presentation in the form of appealing serving and counter solutions in the dining area – and efficient catering centre operations where food is stored and prepared.

Fortunately, one does not exclude the other at Vibocold. We offer superb storage solutions in stainless steel such as saladettes, refrigerated counters and hot cabinets, which make the food taste even better. And for efficient kitchen operations, we have all kinds of solutions for frozen, chilled and hot foods and drinks to ensure optimum food safety and a good working environment. Which altogether leads to greater job satisfaction at the catering centre and, by the end of the day, happy users – and a thriving business.


Good-quality ice cream is good business

Creamy soft ice and delicious ice cream almost always guarantee happy guests. Especially if you make the ice cream from scratch using your own recipe. If you want to create memorable taste experiences and success with good, home-made ice cream and increase sales, you first need professional equipment, and there are many different options. 

At Vibocold, we have composed a unique ice cream concept where, in addition to offering various stainless solutions for producing and selling ice cream and soft ice, we advise on the possibilities and potential for establishing this in your canteen.

Read more about ice cream and the potential it holds in our ice cream brochure here
Good-quality ice cream is good business.
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