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Acquire a taste for success

Fresh raw ingredients are key to a successful restaurant business. And this requires optimum cooling, freezing and heating solutions.

Acquire a taste for success.

Optimum storage is the recipe for fresh raw ingredients and increased sales

Often, most resources are invested in the customer area when designing a restaurant. But in fact, the kitchen and choosing the right equipment are just as important.

There is more to a kitchen than food production. It is also a workplace for your colleagues. And happy employees, a good and functional working environment and optimum sales and preparation solutions are key to satisfied customers, an enjoyable restaurant visits – and ultimately bottom-line growth.

Correct storage helps to prolong the shelf-life of your raw ingredients, ensuring food safety and more efficient food preparation. It provides a clear overview, an easy approach and correct temperature levels. At Vibocold, we have a wide range of temperature-regulating counters and cabinets, elegant ice cream machines and sleek wine cabinets which all contribute to boosting sales in your restaurant.



Exploit the potential of ice cream and soft ice sales

Good-quality ice cream is good business. Therefore, it might be a good idea to expand the dessert menu with home-made ice cream or soft ice. You might already have ice cream on the menu, but need new and upgraded production equipment. No matter what, the right equipment and advice are required if you want to succeed in producing home-made ice cream that customers will queue to taste. 

At Vibocold, we have the recipe for how you can create success and memorable taste experiences by selling good-quality home-made ice cream and soft ice. We are ready to advise on the possibilities and the potential in starting up an ice cream outlet. We have an extensive selection of ice cream machines and equipment. It couldn’t be easier to start selling ice cream in your restaurant.

Read more about ice cream and the potential it holds in our ice cream brochure here.
Exploit the potential of ice cream and soft ice sales.
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