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The key to a successful supermarket

Good food deserve good storage. Organise your supermarket with value-adding solutions for storing and presenting your products.

The key to a successful supermarket.

Customised solutions for all temperatures

Fresh products and attractive presentation are key factors when food and drinks need to make the transition from the shelf to the supermarket trolley. 

Both are possible with the right temperature-regulating solutions.

At Vibocold, we have the industry’s best range of environmentally sound quality solutions for cooling, freezing and heating. Combined with our know-how you are assured a solid basis for good cooperation with retail chains and stores – and a unique and sales-promoting supermarket that focuses on energy optimisation and sustainable initiatives.


Good cooperation ensures good solutions

There is no single recipe for the right solution. The best solution differs from store to store, and to find the solution that best suits you and your requirements, good cooperation is crucial. Therefore, we always prioritise a strong cooperation with store owners, so that we can work together to find the product range that will guarantee success at your supermarket. We do so, among other things, using parameters such as finances, performance, resource consumption and environmental aware-ness.

Good cooperation ensures good solutions.
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