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Ice cream concept

A taste for business

The recipe for a successful ice cream café is based on good, home-made quality ice cream – and the right equipment for production, storage and presentation

A taste for business.

Create success and taste experiences with your very own ice cream

Good-quality ice cream is good business. However, you need the right equipment and advice if you want to succeed in producing home-made ice cream that customers will queue to taste

Perhaps you’re harbouring dreams of opening your own ice cream café, restaurant, patisserie etc. Perhaps you’re already running a business that sells ice cream, but are looking for new and upgraded production equipment in order to deliver the best quality. 

At Vibocold, we have an ice cream concept that is designed to strengthen your production and increase ice cream sales in your shop. We sell a wide range of the best ice cream machines and equipment on the market, and which meets the needs of any business wanting to enjoy success at producing and selling home-made ice cream

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Top-quality ice cream machines and equipment

High-quality equipment is crucial for optimum production and storage. It is also important for product presentation, marketing and sales. Our product range therefore comprises productive and user-friendly quality machines that represent the very best ice cream production equipment on the market. 

Our range embraces everything from blast freezers for quick-freezing your ice cream, chest freezers and freezer cabinets that guarantee the correct storage temperature and an appealing display to ice cream machines that make it possible to create your own unique flavours – whether it is soft ice or scoop ice cream.

Top-quality ice cream machines and equipment.

Get off to a good start with the right advice

Many decisions have to be made when you start to produce and sell ice cream. Our key task is to advise on the possibilities and pitfalls associated with opening an ice cream shop. 

Based on your needs, we advise on the best equipment to invest in and how you can make the most of your premises in terms of their layout and design. In addition, we also offer approvals, documentation and ongoing maintenance and energy optimisations.  

You are always welcome to contact our ice cream experts for further information and advice.

Get off to a good start with the right advice.
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