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Achieve optimal overview with temperature monitoring

Create optimal overview and efficient temperature monitoring with ViboTerm, ensuring documented self-control and high food safety.

Achieve optimal overview with temperature monitoring.

Efficient temperature monitoring 

All products can be monitored by our GSM-based ViboTerm, which makes it easy to wirelessly log temperatures for a given area. The solution provides overview and efficiency where there is a need for documented self-control and high food safety.

We provide control and monitoring systems for everything from small plug-in coolers to large refrigeration systems. We can also help your store ensure maximum and stable performance with the lowest possible energy consumption, saving you money on your refrigeration installations. With ViboTerm, you ensure simple and effective monitoring.

With GSM-based wireless temperature monitoring, stores, restaurants, cafes, and more can streamline daily routines and prevent costly product losses due to critical temperature fluctuations in refrigeration units and premises.

The wireless logger is the solution for temperature monitoring in appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, laboratory cabinets, portable units, and any other place where it may be needed. The ViboTerm logger can be installed quickly, is easy to use, and has low costs in terms of acquisition and operation.


Efficient temperature monitoring  .
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