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Respect for fresh ingredients

Fresh raw ingredients require effective and reliable storage. Choose from a wide range of temperature-regulating solutions for catering which ensure long shelf-lives and efficient kitchen operations.

Respect for fresh ingredients.

Optimum temperature solutions for diner transportable

Successful catering often involves demanding requirements – which cannot simply be met with fresh ingredients.

An important aspect of diner transportable is having optimum storage solutions which ensure the durability of the raw ingredients and functional prep solutions for efficient kitchen operations.

It all starts with professional and well-designed equipment. Vibocold supplies a wide range of temperature-regulating products for freezing, chilling  and heating foods and drinks as well as elegant ice cream machines and wine cabinets which all help to arouse customers’ senses and create successful catering experiences.

Ice cream

Add the final touch with good, home-made ice cream

Ice cream is not just a summer treat. It can be consumed throughout the year, at all kinds of occasions and for any need. However, to make ice cream a successful part of your catering concept, you first need to acquire professional ice cream-makers and ice cream concervators – and learn how to make home-made ice cream that customers will happily stand in queue to taste.

We are also well aware that many decisions have to be made when starting to produce and sell ice cream. Therefore, we take pride in being able to advise on the challanges and opportunities associated with producing and selling ice cream and soft ice for catering, for example.

Read more about our ice cream concept here.
Add the final touch with good, home-made ice cream.
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