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Enhance your café experience

Awake an appetite for snacks and meals with beautiful storage solutions that make your products impossible to resist.

Enhance your café experience .

Great taste experiences start with the right equipment

No cafés are the same. Some are small and serve light dishes for those feeling peckish. Others have an extensive menu with both hot and cold dishes.

What they all share in common is the desire to serve delicious food which their guests will remember. Good raw ingredients are not enough. It starts with the right storage and preparation equipment.

Carefully designed storage and preparation solutions don’t just keep raw ingredients fresh. They also create a good working environment for kitchen staff while presenting the food beautifully in the customer area. At Vibocold, we have a wide range of temperature-regulating counters and cabinets, elegant ice cream machines and sleek wine cabinets which all contribute to boosting sales in your café. 


Good ice cream is good business

Home-made ice cream melts the hearts of most people. And with the right equipment and recipes, you can offer ice cream and soft ice that customers will queue to taste. Perhaps you have dreams of opening your own ice cream café? You might already have ice cream on the menu, but need new and upgraded production equipment? In either case, selling ice cream holds considerable potential.

At Vibocold, we have the recipe for how you can create success and memorable taste experiences by selling good-quality, home-made ice cream and soft ice. We are ready to advise on the possibilities and the potential in starting up or running an ice cream shop.

We have an extensive selection of ice cream machines and equipment. It couldn’t be easier to start selling ice cream in your café.

Read more about ice cream and the potential it holds in our ice cream brochure here
Good ice cream is good business.
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