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Minimarket and kiosk

Create great success with small sales

Create attractive yet compact storage space with chilling and heating solutions for food and drinks for minimarkets and kiosks.

Create great success with small sales.

Grow your sales with high-quality cooling, freezing and heating solutions

We know them all too well – the spontaneous purchases. The small impulse purchases which are so important for kiosk or minimarket sales.

We have put together the most complete range of temperature-regulating storage solutions for cooling, freezing and heating food and drinks, enabling you to ensure your products are attractively presented and hard to resist. All our products have a high environmental certification, which ensures optimum energy consumption, saving you resources, energy and money.


Let the products sell themselves

In a kiosk or minimarket where space is often limited, it can be difficult to find the right-sized equipment. Although our solutions are both ingenious and flexible, several of them can be further adapted to specific customer wishes. Our in-house development department is able to adapt the solutions to suit your particular requirements. Regardless of size, the equipment is always designed to ensure the best possible product presentation – and increase sales in your business.

Let the products sell themselves.
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