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Item no.: F 0140 FDN

12/24 V Freezer Box with a capacity of 140 liters

With a convenient opening at the front
List price: €4,818.66
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With a freezer box like this, you have the ability to transport temperature-sensitive products such as medicines and vaccines. The box can freeze down to -21 degrees Celsius.

The transport freezer box has static freezing.


  • 12/24 V
  • -21 degrees Celsius
  • Static freezing
  • 140 liters
  • Front opening

Avoid breaking the cold chain with a freezer box

A freezer box like the F 0140 FDN is ideal to use when it is essential to maintain the cold chain during transportation. This applies, among other things, to the handling of certain foods and many medical products.

The freezer box is designed to be placed in a truck or van, focusing on functionality and practicality rather than design.

With static freezing and a digital thermostat

The F 0140 FDN offers static freezing and maintains a stable temperature throughout transportation. It has a digital thermostat and a convenient front opening, allowing you to access the contents of the transport freezer box.


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