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Oslo series
Item no.: OSC 140C NEW HC S

Extra-tall service counter for confectionery

1365 millimeters height and with adjustable levelling feet
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The OSC 140C NEW HC S is an elegant convenience cooler with a curved front glass. The cooler is extra tall, which allows for more air around your products and also provides more space for products that are taller.

The large, curved front glass provides for an optimal overview of your options. The glass can be tilted for cleaning.


  • Digital thermostat
  • Ventilated cooling
  • 15 to 18 degrees
  • Three adjustable glass shelves
  • Automatic condensate evaporation

Proper presentation can boost your revenue

If you would like to boost your revenue, you can do so, for example, via impulse sales and upsales. It is all about tempting customers to buy your products, which is why the presentation of your products is crucial.

With a service counter like the OSC 140 NEW HC S, you can be sure that your products are being displayed in an inviting way. The counter comes with three glass shelves, whose height and angle can be adjusted. Each shelf can support 15 kg and is effectively illuminated from above by LED lighting.

Streamline your store with OSLO counters

The extra-tall confectionery service counter forms part of our OSLO range of modular convenience counters. They are designed to be cross-combined, providing you with an elegant counter line and a streamlined shop.

This counter is ideal for confectionery, but – due to its modular design – can easily be combined with both convenience coolers and neutral service counters. For example, you can take a look at the OSC 140C NEW and the OSC 140CN NEW.

The OSLO service counters offer an uncomplicated and modern design that fits in anywhere. If you would like to personalise your counter, you can do so with a decorative film. Contact our sales department via or on +45 8750 3447 to find out more.

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