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Item no.: SMR SLB 2200 AD 16

Convertible display case for freezing/cooling

Internal grid system for organising your products
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This uncomplicated, stylish display case is characterised by its convertibility, meaning that you can switch between the cooling and freezing function just as it suits your product range.

The display case comes with static cooling/freezing and automatic defrost.


  • -1 to +5 degrees or -24 to -16 degrees
  • efficient grid system
  • LED lighting
  • digital thermostat
  • adjustable feet

Keep your options open

With a convertible display case, you have all kinds of options. You can easily adjust the SMR SLB 2200 AD 16 to suit your product range – even if it changes. This means you do not have to invest in new temperature-regulating furniture if your product range changes over time, which is a clear advantage.

You can benefit from a convertible display case like this in any business. However, its convertibility makes it particularly relevant in smaller shops where there is not enough space for a multitude of display cases and where the inventory needs to be versatile.

This display case is medium-sized, but feel free to also take a look at the following models:

Create an overview with partitions

The SMR SLB 2200 AD 16 features an internal grid system with three partitions for helping you to keep your product range organised. With the grid system, you can easily create an overview to help customers quickly find the right thing.

Built-in LED lighting helps to highlight your products, and the sliding door makes it easy to open the case and grab the desired item.

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