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Item no.: FKG 371

Minimalist display cooler with self-closing door

Five movable wire shelves and a short wire shelf at the bottom
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FKG 371 is an elegant display cooler with a streamlined design that fits anywhere. The cabinet has a self-closing door, which is also reversible, allowing the cooler to adapt to your decor.

The display cooler has ventilated cooling and a digital thermostat.



  • 3 to 10 degrees Celsius
  • Horizontal LED lights
  • Self-closing, reversible door
  • Built-in lock
  • Six wire shelves.

Boost your impulse sales with an attractive display cooler

The right presentation is crucial when it comes to impulse and additional sales. When passersby are exposed to your products in an inviting manner, there is a much greater likelihood that they will make a purchase.

With a display cooler like the FKG 371, you can ensure that your product range is eye-catching and looks great. The refrigerator comes with built-in LED lighting that highlights the displayed items. This way, customers can hardly ignore them – and are likely to be tempted.

Customize the display cooler to your assortment – and your business

FKG 371 is perfect for cold beverages but can also be used for other products such as delicacies and ready-made meals. The refrigerator has five adjustable shelves that can easily accommodate your product assortment. In addition, there is a shorter wire shelf at the bottom of the cooler, allowing you to utilize all the space in the cooler.

The minimalist display cooler can be conveniently placed side-by-side with the NFG 309 display freezer.

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