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Item no.: SLM 6

Compact ice cream counter for 6 x 5 litres of ice cream

Fitted with wheels and a night blind
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Are you looking for a professional ice cream counter for a small business or for a small corner of your shop? Then the SLM 6 would be a great choice. With its compact design, the ice cream counter has been created especially for those who need a complete scoop ice cream counter, but do not have a ton of space for it. 

The compact ice cream counter allows you to store six canteens, each with a capacity of five litres. The canteens are organised in a single row. 

The SLM scoop ice cream counters are also available in models for seven or eight canteens. 


  • compact design
  • fitted wheels
  • night blind
  • ventilated freezing
  • openable front glass

Wheels make it easy to move your ice cream counter around

The SLM 6 ice cream counter for six canteens comes with fitted wheels. This makes it easy to move it if, for example, it needs to be moved around at closing time or if your shop needs to be redecorated. At the same time, the wheels make it easy to clean under and around it. 

To save electricity at night, the counter can be closed with a handy roller blind. 

Keeps your ice cream cold on even the hottest days

It is essential that your counter effectively keeps your ice cream frozen and tempting for your customers. Fortunately, the SLM 6 can operate at up to 35 degrees. So even on the hottest of days, it keeps your ice cream cold. 

The ice cream counter for six canteens cools down to between -16 and -22 degrees. 

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