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Item no.: LKPv 6527

Laboratory cooler with a capacity of 598 liters.

Temperature alarm, and external monitoring outlet.
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Are you looking for an efficient laboratory refrigerator? You've come to the right place. This refrigerator features a smart temperature alarm to ensure that the temperature is always just right. The door is equipped with a built-in lock for added security.

The laboratory refrigerator has ventilated cooling, a digital temperature display, and electronic control.


  • -2 to 16 degrees Celsius
  • ventilated cooling
  • self-closing door with a lock
  • wheels for easy mobility
  • 4 adjustable shelves.

Self-closing door with a lock

The LKPv 6527 has a self-closing, reversible door. The door is equipped with a built-in lock to enhance laboratory security. The handle is integrated along the full length of the refrigerator door.

This white laboratory refrigerator from Liebherr comes with wheels for easy relocation when needed.

The refrigerator featured on this page has four shelves that can be adjusted in height. Its capacity is 598 liters. If you are looking for a larger medical refrigerator, you can take a look at these similar models:

With built-in temperature alarm

The laboratory cooler on this page has a practical built-in temperature alarm. It activates if the temperature inside the refrigerator goes outside the specified range. This allows you to react quickly and prevent any potential damage to various samples stored in the refrigerator.

The temperature alarm can be tested periodically without affecting the operation of the cooler.

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