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Item no.: SRFVG 4011

Large white laboratory refrigerator with glass door

With an external digital display and temperature and door alarm
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The SRFVG 4011 is an elegant and efficient white laboratory cabinet cooler with a volume of 420 litres. This cabinet cooler comes with a self-closing glass door and an ergonomic handle. 

The Liebherr laboratory cooler comes with ventilated cooling. 


  • 3 to 16 degrees
  • LED lighting
  • self-closing door with a lock
  • 420 litres
  • power failure alarm

Organise and create an overview

The SRFVG 4011 offers good opportunities to create an overview of the contents in your cabinet cooler. The cabinet features five shelves, each of whose height can be adjusted. In that way, they can match your specific needs. 

The glass door of the cabinet makes it easy to see the contents even when the door is closed. This can streamline your workflow and ensures that the door to your cooler does not need to be open for longer than necessary. There are LED lights inside the cabinet cooler that can be switched on and off independently. 

The door is right-handed by default, but can be reversed if necessary. The handle is ergonomically designed. 

Has a smart temperature alarm

This functional laboratory cabinet cooler comes with a handy audible and visual temperature alarm. The alarm is triggered if the temperature in your cabinet cooler goes higher or lower than the set temperature limits. The cabinet cooler also comes with a smart power failure alarm. 

There is an external digital thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature inside your cabinet cooler. If you need to monitor and document the temperature even more closely, it is possible to connect an external monitoring system to the SRFVG 4011. 

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