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Indiana series
Item no.: INDI66 2500 0505 ECO

Black convenience cooler with slim depth

Featuring five shelves and an interior width of 2500 mm
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INDI66 2500 0505 ECO is our widest convenience cooler in the INDI66 ECO series, which means that with this cooler, you get a spacious unit that still comes with a depth of only 660 mm. This convenience cooler is perfect for those who want a broader unit with ample space for refrigerated products but still prefer a narrower model that provides more space in a narrow aisle.

About the product:

  • Temperature: -1 to +5 degrees
  • Interior width: 2500 mm
  • Five shelves
  • Energy-efficient EC fans
  • Energy-efficient inverter compressor
  • Mirrors on the end panels
  • Color: Black/Black

Perfect for Many Types of Stores

Our INDIANA series of convenience coolers features a minimalist design and a modern look, making them suitable for most supermarkets, grocery stores, and others in need of refrigerated product displays.

With INDI66 2500 0505 ECO, you can give your refrigerated section an exclusive look and showcase your refrigerated products in the most exquisite manner.

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