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Item no.: SFFFG 5501

White laboratory freezer with spark-free interior

Net volume of 394 liters

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With a net volume of 394 liters, this freezer offers ample space to store your materials optimally. The laboratory freezer is equipped with four glass shelves and a mechanical lock. The feet are made of adjustable leveling screws, making the laboratory freezer adjustable and easy to stabilize on uneven surfaces.

About the product

  • EX - Spark-free interior
  • +/- 5 °C temperature stability
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • Static freeze
  • -9 to -30 degrees
  • Net volume of 394 L

Maintains the temperature stable

The laboratory freezer's static freeze function ensures that cold is distributed evenly, reducing frost buildup and making it easier to store and organize materials. With a temperature range from -9 to -30 degrees, this freezer allows you to set and maintain the optimal temperature for a variety of products and materials. The temperature stability in the laboratory freezer is within a range of +/- 5 °C, ensuring that the contents are not exposed to large temperature fluctuations.

Achieve high security

The interior of the laboratory freezer is EX - spark-free. It is thus designed to prevent spark formation, which can ignite flammable vapors or dust. In addition, safety is high with a temperature and door alarm, providing extra security by alerting you to any irregularities so you can act quickly to protect the contents of the laboratory freezer.

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