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Item no.: TSC 600

Stainless steel storage cooler

Can accomodate GN 2/1 containers on the five shelves
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This storage cooler has a capacity of 600 liters and is designed to accommodate standard containers perfectly on its shelves. It features four adjustable shelves and a bottom shelf.

The cooler has ventilated cooling and electronic control.

About the product

  • Temperature range: 2 to 10 degrees Celsius
  • Ventilated cooling
  • Digital thermostat
  • Adjustable leveling feet and wheels
  • ABS interior container.

Spacious and easy-to-clean refrigerator

The TSC 600 is a spacious refrigerator that provides ample storage space in a professional kitchen. Its sleek design allows you to confidently place the refrigerator in a visible location, such as behind the counter in a cafe.

The refrigerator is made of stainless steel, making it very easy to clean. It has a built-in door lock, and the door is initially right-hinged but can be reversed. The reversible door allows the refrigerator to fit into any kitchen setup.

With wheels and adjustable leveling feet

The stainless steel refrigerator has two wheels at the back, making it easier to move. At the front, there are two adjustable leveling feet to ensure the refrigerator stands securely and level.

With a capacity of 600 liters, the TSC is a larger storage refrigerator. If you're looking for a smaller storage cooler, you can consider the FKUv 1660, which has a capacity of 134 liters. Conversely, if you need more cooling space, you can take a look at the BVC2, which has a capacity of 1,105 liters

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