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Item no.: FRFCVG 6501

Storage cooler with LED lighting and self-closing door

A spacious cooler with 4 adjustable feet, designed for professional kitchen environments

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The FRFCvg 6501 offers minimal limitations, as it has a cooling temperature range of -2 to 15 degrees celsius, suitable for various types of food. The storage cooler is equipped with 6 wire shelves, which are easy to clean and ensure good air circulation. The internal space is thus optimized and used in the best possible way. The storage cooler has a good capacity, with a volume of 655 liters, providing ample space for storing your food.

About the product:

  • Gastronorm GN 2/1
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • Digital temperature display
  • Interior material suitable for unpackaged food
  • Self-closing door < 90°

Easy to use

The built-in LED lighting makes it easier for you to see and organize your food. At the same time, it is the most energy-efficient solution, providing you with a clear light. The self-closing, foamed door provides a tight seal, which also contributes to improving the energy efficiency of the storage cooler and maintains the temperature at a stable and constant level.

Not just practical storage

The FRFCvg 6501 storage cooler is not just a practical storage choice, but also a good and important investment in maintaining high food quality and efficiency in the kitchen.

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