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Liebherr quality
Item no.: GGPv 6570

Free-standing stainless steel cold storage freezer

Gives you plenty of organised storage space
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If you work in the HoReCa industry, you most likely need a cold storage freezer like this one. It is where you can store both raw materials and (partially) ready-made meals in an organised way that makes it easy for you to work efficiently and to quickly find the things you need. 

The Liebherr cabinet freezer comes with ventilated freezing and electronic defrosting. 


  • -10 to -26 degrees
  • electronic control
  • reversible, self-closing door
  • a door alarm and temperature alarm
  • LED lighting

An uncomplicated, uncluttered cabinet freezer

The GGPV 6570 is a practical cold storage freezer with a simple, functional design. The cabinet is designed to give you plenty of freezer space and the ability to store food in an organised way. With four removable shelves as well as a bottom shelf, there is plenty of room to organise your cabinet freezer as you see fit. The cabinet is designed to cater for standard canteens. 

This cabinet freezer comes with a reversible door, which is also self-closing. This is both state-of-the-art in terms of minimising energy consumption and comes as an advantage if you have your hands full. 

Stainless steel is easy to clean

This large, functional cold storage freezer is made of stainless steel. The material is characterised by being extremely easy to maintain and clean, making it a good choice for commercial kitchens. 

This cabinet freezer comes with an automatic defrosting function, so you do not have to empty it out and switch it off to defrost it manually. 

If you need a larger cold storage freezer, you will, naturally, also find them in our wide range of products. 

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