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Indiana series
Item no.: INDI85 2500 LC 0505

A modern convenience cooler with 4 shelves.

In a stylish black color, with an elegant design
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INDI85 2500 LC 0505 is our largest cooler shelf in the LC series. With this cooler shelf, you get the ultimate showcase for your products.

With an internal width of 2500 mm, you have plenty of space for your goods without the need to constantly restock during a busy day. As part of the LC series, this model also features energy-efficient EC fans.

About the Product:

  • Temperature: -1 to +5 degrees Celsius
  • Internal Width: 2500 mm
  • EC fans
  • 4 shelves
  • Color: Black/Black

A Modern and Elegant Design

With its stylish black color and distinct lines, INDI85 2500 LC 0505 gives your store decor a modern and exclusive appearance. With its four shelves, the cooler shelf gracefully blends into the background, allowing your chilled products to take center stage as your customers approach.

Its size allows for an impressive product display without making it appear overcrowded. The large and beautiful glass doors of this shelf keep your items cool without unnecessary energy consumption, while ensuring that your products are always visible and accessible to your customers.

Other Sizes in the LC Series:

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