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Item no.: KCW 4V

A ventilated cooling refrigerated well for 4 GN1/1 trays

Capable of cooling within a temperature range from 0 to +10 degrees

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The cooling well is an essential piece of kitchen equipment that ensures your food remains at the proper temperature, contributing to both taste and freshness. The ventilated cooling technology and precise electronic control give you complete control over the storage of your food.

About the product

  • Stainless steel
  • Ventilated cooling
  • Electronic control
  • Fits 4 GN1/1 containers
  • 0 to +10 degrees

High quality and durability

The cooling well is of high quality and made from stainless steel. This makes the cooling well a robust and hygienic solution, as it is easy to clean and thus designed to withstand the daily wear and tear in busy kitchen environments. Equipped with ventilated cooling, it ensures a uniform and effective temperature distribution, which is crucial for keeping food fresh for as long as possible.

Efficient and spacious

The cooling well is designed to perfectly fit 4 GN1/1 containers. In this way, this cooling well maximizes your storage capacity and efficiently organizes your kitchen space.

With a broad temperature range from 0 to +10 degrees, this cooling well is also ideal for everything from cool beverages to delicate fresh produce, making it a versatile solution for any professional kitchen.

Please note the cooling well is supplied without canteens.

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