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Item no.: VBB 3 H

Back bar with three hinged doors

Spacious refrigerator with a capacity of 330 liters
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VBB 3 H provides you with plenty of cooling space behind the bar – or wherever you choose to use the fridge. With ventilated cooling, electronic control, and a digital thermometer.

About the product

  • 2 to 10 degrees
  • ventilated cooling
  • hinged glass doors
  • LED lighting
  • adjustable legs

Use it behind the bar – or elsewhere

Within HoReCa, you can benefit from this display fridge in many different ways. In cafes, for example, it can be used for kombucha, juice, and soft drinks. In restaurants, the cooler can be used for wine and specialty beers, and the same applies in the bar. Here, it's also ideal to use the backbar for mixers and syrups for cocktails.

With a display fridge like this, you can actively make your cooling space part of your decor and make it easier for customers to get an overview of your selection.

A larger backbar with adjustable shelves

This spacious display fridge comes with built-in LED lighting, ensuring the focus is on your product range. The refrigerator has two adjustable shelves in each section.

With a volume of 330 liters, it's a larger display fridge. If you're looking for a slightly smaller version, you can consider VBB 2 H or VBB 1 H, which design-wise resemble the model here on the page.

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