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Item no.: VTEK 90

Black convenience cooler with straight front glass

With ventilated cooling and automatic defrost

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This convenience cooler is equipped with three adjustable glass shelves, giving you the flexibility to organize your food and beverages exactly as you wish. The shelves can easily be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

About the product

  • 3 adjustable glass shelves
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Automatic defrost
  • 2 rear-service sliding glass doors
  • Ventilated cooling

Modern LED lighting

Inside the convenience cooler, there is an LED lighting system that ensures it is illuminated by a bright, energy-efficient light. This ensures that it is easy to see what you are looking for, and that products are displayed in the best and most attractive way.

Keep your products fresh and cold

Furthermore, the convenience cooler has two rear-service sliding glass doors, which provide easy access to your products while keeping the cold in and the heat out. Finally, the ventilated cooling system is designed to maintain a constant temperature throughout the convenience cooler. This ensures that your food remains fresh and delicious for longer, while also preventing the formation of condensation.

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