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Black soft serve ice cream machine for placing on a table

Production capacity: 18 kg or 240 waffles per hour
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The GIOTTO Black is a compact soft serve ice cream machine that can be placed virtually anywhere. It only takes up 30 cm in width and can thus be placed on various counters, tables or shelves, just as it suits your business. 

The tabletop soft serve ice cream machine has a sleek, stylish design and an LCD screen on which you can display your own photos or videos. 

Also available in the colours red and white


  • Air-cooled
  • 18 kg/240 waffles per hour
  • Can produce various frozen products
  • Easy and intuitive operation and cleaning
  • Beautiful Italian design

A multifunctional machine

The GIOTTO Black is not just a soft serve ice cream machine, but a multifunctional machine that can also be used for milkshakes, frozen yoghurt, ice cream and various frozen drinks. This means that the machine never has to stand still, but can be used all year round for the products that sell best at any given time. 

The machine has an intuitive control panel that makes things easy for those behind the counter. At the same time, this ensures that the products served are consistent no matter who serves them. Cleaning is also made easy thanks to the high level of user-friendliness. 

Quiet, stylish model

GIOTTO Black is not a machine you want to hide away. With its beautiful Italian design, it deserves a central place in your shop. Fortunately, you can safely give it that, as it is extremely quiet and will blend in with your interior décor with ease. 

With its beautiful design, efficiency and reliability, it is the ideal machine for small businesses and shops. 


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