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Item no.: GCv 4060

Combi cooler/freezer - 240/105L

Adjustable wire shelves (cooling) and 3 wire baskets (freezing)
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GCv 4060 is a high-quality combination storage fridge/freezer cabinet from Liebherr with exceptional cooling and freezing performance. The storage fridge/freezer cabinet is designed to handle a high frequency of openings in both the refrigeration and freezer compartments. The two compartments have two separate compressors and two separate cooling systems to cope with the high opening frequency that can occur in the restaurant industry.

GCv 4060 features a stainless steel exterior with a plastic interior, 2 doors, a lock, digital temperature display, door, temperature alarm, 3 adjustable wire shelves (cooling), 3 wire baskets (freezing), reversible self-closing doors, and electronic control.

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