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Item no.: CLS 2100 LINE VS

Combo display case for freezing or cooling

Elegant side case for larger display case installations
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This combined cooler/freezer has a practical glass push lid that makes it easy for customers to grab the products they want. The display case offers an uncomplicated, modern design with dark grey frames and fits in anywhere. 

The display case comes with electronic control and automatic defrosting. 


  • -1 to 5 degrees or -24 to -16 degrees
  • static cooling/freezing
  • adjustable legs
  • internal grid system
  • variable speed compressor

Build a well-structured business with the right gondolas

If you would like to give your customers a good shopping experience and make it easy for them to find the products they want, you need to organise your store appropriately. It should be tidy, clear and welcoming. 

With a display case like the CLS 2100 LINE VS, you can create an elongated gondola island that gives customers a good overview of your range of products. You can place as many display cases in a row as you wish – it all depends on the size of your shop. Feel free to end off with an “endcap display” which is characterised by being rounded and having glass on the front and sides. 

Create order with the grid system

In continuation of the above, it is, of course, worth organising the contents of the display cases in such a way that customers can easily find the right product. With the internal grid system, you can easily keep your range of products organised. The inbuilt light highlights the goods quite superbly. 

This freezer measures 2108 mm in width. If you need more space than this, there is a similar model measuring 2508 mm in width

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