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Item no.: BCC2 UB

Compact cooler counter with two self-closing doors

With ventilated cooling, electronic control and a digital thermostat.
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The BCC2 UB is an efficient cooler counter in a compact design that allows it to fit into a variety of locations in both larger and smaller HoReCa kitchens. 

The cooler counter comes without a rear edge, but is also available in a version with a high rear edge


  • -2 to +8 degrees
  • electronic defrosting
  • stainless steel
  • self-closing doors
  • adjustable legs

Cooler counters efficiently streamline your workflow

Professional cooler counters can help streamline the workflow in your kitchen. They make sure you have the most commonly used raw ingredients right at your fingertips. They also optimise the use of space, as they both provide plenty of counter space and plenty of cooling space. 

The BCC2 UB forms part of our popular Bergen range. With its two doors, it is the smallest of the cooler counters in our range. If you need a larger counter, you could consider the BCC3 UB or the BCC4 UB

All of the counters come with ventilated cooling, which provides an even temperature throughout the cooling area. They also come with electronic defrosting. 

A practical, easy-to-clean cooler counter

This compact cooler counter is made of stainless steel both internally and externally. This material has, naturally, been chosen because it is easy to keep clean. 

A lot has been done, in general, in terms of design to ensure easy cleaning, making it easy for you to keep your kitchen hygienic. This means, among other things, that the durable worktop can be quickly wiped clean during the day and that there are no edges for food to stick to. 

The BCC2 UB comes with two self-closing doors. Each of the sections contain two removable wire shelves. 

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