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Item no.: MOBILUX 11

Convertible freezer/cooler for a bicycle

Capacity of 117 litres
excluding freight, taxes and VAT
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With a bicycle freezer/cooler, you can sell food, ice cream, cold drinks or anything else in any location in the world. You have complete mobility and do not have to worry about the power connection thanks to the built-in 12V battery.

Also available in a model with a capacity of 206 litres.

About the product

  • Convertible freezer/cooler
  • From -18 to +4 degrees
  • With a hidden compressor and battery
  • A bicycle can be purchased in addition

Sell whatever you want – wherever you want

With MOBILUX 11 you can cycle around to different destinations with your products. You have optimal freedom and can easily move around, just as you see fit.

In addition to physical freedom, MOBILUX gives you the freedom to retail different types of products. This freezer/cooler combo can be easily converted so that you can, for example, sell ice cream one day and cold fizzy drinks the next.

With a temperature range of -18 degrees to 4 degrees, the chest can be arranged for a wide variety of goods.

With a foamed sliding lid and a basket

The portable chest freezer/cooler comes with foamed sliding lids, so you can easily access frozen or perishable goods. It also comes with a basket that can be used, for example, for 1-litre ice creams tubs for those hot summer days.

MOBILUX 11 can be decorated with a decorative film.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about the product or are you interested in purchasing a matching bicycle? Then contact our sales department, who are ready to help you.

Contact us or +45 8750 3447.

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