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Item no.: BIG 100-66 0505 DUAL

Convertible impulse cooler counter with hot-gas defrosting

And Internal LED Lighting
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BERGEN 100 impulse cooler is the perfect solution for stores that want a practical, efficient, and visually appealing way to present and store their products.

Attract customers and increase sales with the BERGEN 100 impulse cooler

This state-of-the-art cooler is designed to be both practical and efficient, and it fits perfectly into any retail environment. The compact size makes it easy to place even in areas with limited space, while the robust materials ensure long life and durability. The smooth surfaces and minimalist design make the cooler easy to clean and keep hygienic.

In addition to functionality and design, the BERGEN 100 impulse cooler also offers a number of other advantages:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting: The interior LED lighting illuminates products attractively while using less energy compared to traditional lighting.
  • Adjustable shelves: The shelves can be adjusted to different heights, giving you the flexibility to store a wide variety of products.
  • Self-closing hinged doors: The doors have self-closing hinges that help keep the cooler cold and prevent food waste.
  • Easy access: The large sliding doors provide easy access to products, making it easy for customers to see and select what they want.

Product Specifications:

  • Temperature: -1 to +5 degrees or -23 to -18 degrees 
  • Loadline: 260 mm
  • Interior lighting: LED
  • Doors and sides: Glass
  • Defrosting: Automatic hot-gas
  • Casters: 4, of which 2 have brakes


  • Minimal maintenance: The automatic hot-gas defrosting function minimizes the need for maintenance and ensures that the impulse cooler always works optimally.
  • Increased mobility: The four robust casters, two of which have brakes, make it easy to move the cooler around and ensure a stable position.
  • Energy efficiency: The sliding doors help maintain energy efficiency.
  • Attractive presentation: The sleek design with glass doors and sides makes it easy to present your products in an appealing way.
  • Versatility: The impulse cooler is suitable for use in cafes, gas stations, kiosks, supermarkets, and much more.
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