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Item no.: SVABA 150 3 GNP 9005

Convertible impulse cooler/freezer

Energy-saving sliding lid and glass sides
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With an impulse cabinet, you can effectively boost your impulse sales and upsales. This cabinet can act as both a freezer and a cooler, so you can customise it according to your specific product range and to factors such as seasons and holidays. 

The cabinet comes with a ventilated cooler/freezer and automatic defrosting. 


  • -1 to +5 degrees or -18 to -15 degrees
  • 270 mm loadline
  • LED lighting
  • glass sliding lid and sides
  • adjustable legs

A wealth of sales opportunities

The SVABA 150 3 GNP 9005 presents you with a world of possibilities. It can be used for all kinds of products that are, for example, in season, on sale or close to their sell-by date. 

As the cabinet can be set up for both cooling and freezing, you can easily customise it for your specific product range. In the run-up to Christmas, for example, it can be used as a cooler for roast pork and duck, while in the run-up to New Year’s it can be used as a freezer for bagged ice cubes. In that way, you can meet your customers’ needs and boost your sales. 

Focus on select products

As well as allowing you to focus on seasonal items, this impulse cooler/freezer can also be used to boost impulse sales of specific products. For example, specialities that you have received a smaller assortment of, or ready-made meals from your butcher’s department. 

Whatever you display in your cabinet, you can be sure that it will attract the attention of your customers, who are likely to be tempted to buy. Built-in LED lights further contribute to the visibility of your products. 

The SVABA 150 3 GNP 9005 is a medium-sized impulse cooler/freezer. However, our product range also contains a larger and a smaller version with a similar design. 

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