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Item no.: BIG 150 0505 DUAL

Convertible Impulse cooler with sliding glass lids

And Internal LED Lighting

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Equipped with four sturdy wheels, two of which have brakes, this cooler offers exceptional mobility and stability, allowing you to place it exactly where it benefits your store the most. The impulse cooler is especially ideal for:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Cafés and Bakeries
  • Specialty Shops
  • Event Catering

About the product

  • Temperature range from 1 to +5 degrees or -22 to -18 degrees
  • 260 mm load line
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Sliding glass doors and sides
  • Automatic hot-gas defrosting
  • 4 wheels, 2 with brakes

Stylish and Energy-Saving

The sleek design solution with sliding glass doors and sides not only provides a modern appearance but also ensures that customers have effortless access to goods, while increasing energy efficiency. Equipped with energy-efficient internal LED lighting, this impulse cooler ensures that your products are always shown in the best light. The lighting highlights the quality of the products and attracts customers' attention, without affecting the temperature.

Opportunity for storing a variety of products

The impulse cooler offers a wide temperature range: from 1 to +5 degrees for cooling, and from -22 to -18 degrees for optimal freezing capacity. This ensures that whether you offer chilled beverages or frozen delicacies, they will always be at the perfect temperature.

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