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Item no.: VBB 2 S 15-25 S

Display cooler for over-the-counter medicine

Self-closing sliding doors with double glass
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Many types of over-the-counter medicine need to be stored at specific temperatures. If you sell medicine, it may be necessary to have a refrigerator like this.

VBB 2 S 15-25 S features ventilated cooling and a temperature range of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

About the product

  • Ventilated cooling
  • 15 to 25 degrees Celsius
  • Electronic control
  • LED lighting
  • Self-closing doors.

Provide an overview of the selection

The primary task of this refrigerator is to ensure that various forms of over-the-counter medicine are stored at the right temperature. At the same time, the display refrigerator also helps create an overview of the selection of over-the-counter medicine - to the delight of both you and your customers.

VBB 2 S 15-25 S comes with built-in LED lighting, which helps focus on the products.

With self-closing doors

This backbar refrigerator for over-the-counter medicine has two self-closing sliding doors. It is a practical measure that also helps minimize energy consumption. There is double glass in the sliding doors.

The display refrigerator has a black cabinet and is designed to sit on top of a counter or table. Are you looking for a taller refrigerator for over-the-counter medicine? Then you can take a look at VD 372 C 15-25 S or SLIM 200 15-25 S.

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