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Item no.: NFG 309

Display freezer with a heated door

With a bottom shelf and five adjustable wire shelves
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A display freezer like the NFG 309 allows you to showcase frozen goods in an inviting and organized manner, providing customers with a great shopping experience.

The freezer has a capacity of 310 liters and a total of six shelves.

Product Features

  • Ventilated freezing
  • Temperature range from -16 to -25 degrees Celsius
  • Heated door
  • 5 + 1 shelves
  • Automatic defrost.

The heated door ensures visibility

This display freezer comes with a heated door, ensuring that the glass remains free from condensation, allowing customers to have an ideal view of the selection. Built-in lighting highlights your product assortment.

The smart door is self-closing, contributing to minimizing energy consumption. Additionally, it is reversible, allowing the NFG 309 to fit anywhere.

The freezer has automatic defrost

Defrosting a freezer can be cumbersome and time-consuming. That's why this display freezer comes with automatic defrost, so you don't have to worry about frost buildup. The freezer has a digital thermometer and ventilated freezing.

The sleek display freezer can stand alone but is also ideal for a side-by-side setup with the identical display cooler FKG 371.

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