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Item no.: DRY AGE 900 HY LO

Dry ageing display cabinet

Automatic moisture control
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A professional dry ageing cabinet like this one allows you to dry age meat and display it during the process. You can, for example, tempt more customers to shop in the butcher’s section of your supermarket, or you can entice your restaurant customers to try your speciality steak. 

The DRY AGE 900 HYLO is a narrower dry ageing cabinet with two shelves and two hooks. Do you need more space in your dry ageing cabinet? Then you could consider the DRY AGE 1500 05 HY LO


  • -5 to 10 degrees
  • ventilated cooling
  • a lock
  • electronic control
  • a pink light

Pink light for ideal presentation

If you would like to tempt your customers with your dry-aged meat, it is essential for it to look good. 

This dry ageing cabinet comes with a pink light that makes the meat in your cabinet look much more presentable. You do not have to hide your cabinet away, but you can use it as part of the interior décor of your shop or restaurant. With its uncomplicated, modern design, the cabinet fits in anywhere. 

The cabinet comes with a built-in lock so that it cannot be opened by any passers-by. 

A dry ageing cabinet with automatic moisture control

To succeed with your dry-aged meat, it is important that the conditions in your cabinet are ideal for the purpose. To achieve this, both temperature and humidity need to be controlled. 

The DRY AGE 900 HYLO comes with built-in moisture control, which ensures that the humidity level in your cabinet never exceeds 75%.

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