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Item no.: BCC3-SAN

Efficient sandwich counter with canteen containers

With three self-closing doors and two shelves in each section
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You can streamline the workflow in your HoReCa kitchen with this uncomplicated sandwich counter. The counter is the obvious choice for those who sell sandwiches, pita breads and mixed salads, but can also be used in many other contexts. 


  • 0 to +8 degrees
  • static cooling
  • digital thermostat
  • automatic defrosting
  • adjustable legs

Create an efficient shop with a sandwich counter

A sandwich counter like the BCC3-SAN provides you with optimal working conditions. The counter ensures that you have all your raw ingredients within easy reach – either in the canteen containers or behind the doors under the worktop. The canteen containers are perfect for fresh vegetables and other fillings you often use. 

The large worktop provides you with plenty of working space and is made of stainless steel. It comes without saying that there are no cracks or grooves in the durable worktop for food to get stuck into. You can, thus, easily keep it clean and maintain good hygiene. 

You can use your sandwich counter both in your shop and in your kitchen

This practical sandwich counter offers an uncomplicated and functional design. You can, thus, use it in the back of your kitchen, but you can also leave it out in the sandwich shop, for example. 

The BCC3-SAN allows you to quickly prepare food for your waiting customers, while taking their requests for fillings, dressings or side dishes, for example. 

The sandwich counter on this page comes with three self-closing doors. If you need a smaller counter, you could take a look at the BCC2-SAN, which has only two doors. 

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