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Item no.: SRFVG 3501

Efficient white laboratory cooler

With foam-insulated door and a net volume of 261 liters

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Featuring a self-closing door and a temperature stability of +/- 3°C, the SRFvg 3501 is designed to meet the needs of laboratory environments. The built-in temperature and door alarms ensure reliable monitoring of temperature and door openings, providing extra security for the storage of sensitive materials.

About the product

  • Self-closing door
  • +/- 3 °C temperature stability
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • +2 °C safety device
  • 3 to 16 degrees Celsius
  • Net volume of 261 L

Flexible storage with a wide temperature range

The SRFvg 3501 laboratory cooler allows you to store a wide range of materials thanks to the broad temperature range from 3 to 16 degrees Celsius. This makes it ideal for storing various types of laboratory samples and materials that require specific temperature conditions.

High security and reliability

With a self-closing door and built-in temperature and door alarms, the SRFvg 3501 laboratory cooler guarantees high security and reliable performance. The additional +2 °C safety feature ensures that the storage temperature is always kept within the ideal range, giving you peace of mind regarding the integrity of the storage.

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