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Item no.: HARMONY 135-87 9005

Elegant convenience cooler with two shelves

Ventilated cooling, open front, and a smart night curtain
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HARMONY 135-87 9005 is an elegant black convenience cooler that can help increase your impulse and additional sales. The cooler is ideal for beverages but can also be used for various other products.

The convenience cooler features ventilated cooling.

Product specifications

  • Ventilated cooling
  • Temperature range from 1 to 6 degrees Celsius
  • Night curtain
  • Mounted wheels
  • 2 shelves with LED lighting.

Two adjustable illuminated shelves

This convenience cooler comes with two shelves that are adjustable to accommodate your product assortment. The shelves have built-in LED lighting, which helps draw attention to the displayed products, increasing the likelihood of customers making a purchase.

HARMONY 135-87 9005 has an open front, making it easy for customers to access the products they want. However, the cooler also features a smart night curtain that helps conserve energy by retaining cold air.

With four swivel wheels

HARMONY 135-87 9005 is equipped with four swivel wheels, making it easy to move. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different placements for the cooler, helping you determine where it generates the most sales.

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