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Item no.: VTF 55B

Elegant tabletop freezer with two shelves

With a self-closing glass door
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This clever little display freezer has been made to be placed on top of a table or a counter. It is ideal for displaying, for example, (home-made) ice cream in a café or speciality shop. 

Products can be displayed on the bottom shelf of your tabletop freezer and there is also an adjustable wire shelf. 


  • -25 to -18 degrees
  • manual thermostat
  • adjustable levelling feet
  • static freezing
  • self-closing glass door

A decorative display freezer

When your store is organised and inviting, customers are more likely to want to shop, which is where this compact display freezer comes in. The freezer offers an uncomplicated, modern design with a black cabinet and a white interior. The black exterior gives an exclusive, minimalist look. 

The VTF 55B can, naturally, stand alone, but can also be combined with, for example, the VTC 52B, a display cooler that is identical in design to the tabletop freezer on this page. 

Save electricity with a self-closing glass door

It is a true word that cold generates cold. Once the entire display freezer has cooled down to the ideal temperature, it is becomes easier for it to maintain this temperature. Every time your freezer’s door is opened, warm air enters and cold air escapes. 

Thanks to the self-closing glass door, you can be sure that your VTF 55B never gets left open longer than necessary. This saves on energy consumption and ensures that your tabletop display freezer is always at the right temperature. 

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