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Item no.: FRFVG 4001

Elegant white lacquered steel cooler

420-liter cooler with 6 wire shelves and adjustable legs

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The storage cooler is designed with user-friendliness and food safety in mind. The interior material is specially selected to be suitable for storing unpackaged food. This makes the cooler ideal for professional kitchens, restaurants, and food stores that require a high standard of hygiene.

About the product:

  • Ventilated cooling
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • Digital temperature display
  • Interior material suitable for unpackaged food
  • Self-closing door < 90°

Durable and flexible equipment

The storage cooler is equipped with six wire shelves, which provide ample space for efficient organization of your products. The design of the shelves ensures good air circulation around the food, contributing to uniform cooling while ensuring the best use of space. Regardless of the condition of the floor, the adjustable feet allow the cooler to always stand stable and level. This is essential for both safety and the correct function of the cooler.

The flexibility of a reversible door allows for easy adaptation to your space, ensuring convenient opening regardless of the kitchen or room layout.

Interior LED light

A single LED light source at the top of the cooler ensures that the food is easy to see and access. The LED lighting provides clear and energy-efficient illumination of your food, without adding unnecessary heat.

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