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Item no.: AWC 130-1

Elegant wine cooler with removable wooden shelves

With space for 105 bottles of wine
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With an efficient wine cooler, you can ensure that your wine is always stored and served at the correct temperature. An attractive cooler like this one will also add an exclusive touch to your shop or restaurant. 

This wine cooler features ventilated cooling with a fan, and electronic control. 


  • 5 - 20 degrees
  • tinted, reversible door
  • five wooden shelves
  • adjustable feet
  • a cooling zone

Boost your sales via proper presentation

It always makes sense to focus on the presentation of your wine range. With an attractive presentation, your customers are much more likely to want to buy. This applies to supermarkets, speciality shops and wine merchants. With the AWC 130-1, you can be sure that all of your 105 wine bottles are both kept at the correct temperature and looking their greatest. 

In various types of catering establishments, an elegant wine cooler can be a beneficial addition to the interior. It adds an exclusive touch and, again, more people may be tempted to buy wine to accompany their food because they can see the beautiful bottles. 

A wine cooler with many possibilities

The AWC 130-1 comes with five beautiful wooden shelves, all of whose height can be adjusted. In a restaurant setting, for example, it can be relevant to have a taller shelf at the top of your wine cooler, where open wine bottles can be stored. 

This cabinet cooler comes with a tinted door, which helps to provide optimal storage conditions for your wine. The door can be reversed, depending on what best suits your interior setup. 

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