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Item no.: VD 390 EC

Energy-efficient display refrigerator with LED-lighting

Perfect for showcasing your products

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The VD 390 EC is a modern display refrigerator with six wire shelves, ideal for showcasing your items attractively. The self-closing no frame glass door ensures easy access, and the LED lighting provides clear and efficient illumination.

Product features:

  • Six wire shelves
  • Automatic defrost
  • Energy optimized
  • Self-closing no frame glass door
  • LED lighting
  • Electronic control

Energy optimization with EC fans

The VD 390 EC has been updated with EC fans and electronic control, significantly reducing energy consumption. EC fans adjust their speed based on cooling needs, making the refrigerator more energy-efficient. The electronic control ensures precise temperature management, further reducing energy use and ensuring optimal cooling of your products.

Self-closing no frame glass door

The self-closing no frame glass door enhances both energy efficiency and user convenience. This feature prevents heat loss by ensuring the door always closes securely after each opening, maintaining a stable internal temperature. Additionally, the modern, frameless design provides a clear view of the products, making them more appealing to customers. This combination of functionality and design ensures a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing presentation of your items.

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